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NEW!!! - Kit painting services now available as a compromise to the large demand I've had for many custom orders of my perviously listed dolls sold on eBay.  I will paint YOUR kit that YOU send me for a fee.  Pricing depends on size of baby wanted painted...for example toddlers will be slightly more than preemie babies due to size. 


My email is: 



See some examples below ..... All these babies below are now adopted, but these pictures show examples of the type of painting style I have for your own personal kit.  Kits must be sent to me for painting ...I will have to charge extra to buy the kit you want for you so keep that in mind.


"Phoenix" by Andrea Arcello - Sold out kit!



 Above is Maizie from Andrea Arcello...SOLD OUT KIT!



Above is "Saskia" kit by Bonnie Brown -23 inches 




"Sili" by Sabine Altenkirch - "21 inches"


Presley Awake - Bountiful Baby's new 3D Printed copy scanned from a real-life baby  - 21 inches




Karlotta above is 21 inches in length



 Esme Sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles - full vinyl at 21 inches



 Coco-Malu by Elisa Marx - 18 inches




"Cuddles"  Toddler sculpt by Donna RuBert...23-24 inches.




"Linus" sculpted by Gudrun Legler... 19-20 inches



"Angelina" sculpted by Romie Strydom....will sell out soon! -  24 inch Toddler



Serah by Adrie Stoete... 18-19 inches



"Livia" sculpted by Gudrun Legler...sold out kit!  - 21 inches




"Lilian"  by Gudrun Legler...Sold out kit!  18-19 inches





Pictured above is "Ariella" sculpt by Reva Schick (size 22 inches)


 Libby is pictured above and is 22 inches in length...she's a big chunky baby!


Pictured below is Paris sculpt by Adrie Stoete - 21 inches






Reva Schick's very popular "Noah" sculpt  now "Savanah": 21 inches long




"Sienna Leigh" by Alicia Toner above is 21 inches but is a sold out kit.




Pictured above is "Nina" sculpted by Gudrun Leglar (size 21 inches)



Pictured above: "Welcome Back Taylor" Sculpt by Tamie Yarie - 19 inches



 Pictured above is an Adrie Stoete Toddler "Mi-Ling" (size 28 inches)


Pictured above: "Kate" by Marissa May - 19 inches



Above is "Rainer" by Romie Strydom...She's a sold out edition kit, but I can reborn a toddler like her if you like her style.



 Pictured above is Maribelle Villanova's Bonnie sculpt (size: 25 inches) 



 Pictured above is "Valentina" sculpted by Gudrun Leglar (21 inches)



 Pictured above is "Mandy" by Adrie Stoete (size 22 inches)




Pictured above:  Dawn Donofrio's mini sculpt "Tiny Miracle" - 12 inches




Pictured above is "Luca" scupted by Elly Knoops (20 inches)




Pictured above is the "Lillian" Sculpt by Antonio Juan (22 inches)




Pictured above:  Toddler Sculpt "Bo-Elle" by Adrie Stoete (28 inches)




Pictured above is Denise Pratt's "Paisley" sculpt (20 inches)



Pictured above is Elisa Marx's "Tatijana" sculpt (22 inches)



Pictured above is the Benno sculpt by Linda Scherer (22 inches)




Pictured below is Teagan Preemie by Denise Pratt (17 inches)



 Pictured below is "Morgan" sculpt by A. Peterson (18 inches)



Pictured below is Lidy by Didy Jacobson (18 inches)



Pictured below is Preemie "Taite" Sculpt by Denise Pratt (17 inches)





MORE Babies....

Below is " Bonnie" Toddler Sculpt by Linda Murray (28 inches)


Below is the "Lisa" sculpt by Linda Scherer  (22 inches) 




Below is "Bethany" sculpt by Linda Murray (21 inches)



Below is Max by Gudrun Leglar (19 inches)



Below is "Lucy" by Tina Kewy (22 inches)




Below is "Asher Awake" sculpt from Bountiful Baby's "Realborn" collection (20 inches)



Arianna Toddler Sculpt by Reva Schick below (28 inches) 








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